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4 Sketch Tips to Keep In Mind

4 Sketch Tips to Keep In Mind

The number one thing this website offers is free, printable iPhone sketch paper. We live in a world with an iPad that’s a sketchbook, where Wacom tablets are the number one choice for designers, where the Surface Studio just came out, and yet there are still...
Why You Should Hand-Draw Apps, First

Why You Should Hand-Draw Apps, First

You need to hand-draw your app if you want it to turn out well. I know, you’re not an artist, but hear me out. It seems like early on in life, everyone decides whether or not they have artistic talent. Everyone starts to doodle as a child, and some...

Give Your App a Personality

A truly amazing app needs to have it’s own personality.  It can’t just be an amalgamation of the default iOS buttons and random graphics you made in iPhoto – it needs to be cohesive, attractive, and the sort of app your target market would want. To...

Designing For the iPad Is Not Designing for a Big iPhone

Way long ago, in the yesteryear of 2010 when the iPad was just about to come out, many a joke was made about how it was a giant iPhone and wouldn’t do well. Why would we need a giant iPhone?  We already had the regular size iPhone, and that was good enough for us....

Wireframe Your Best iOS App Yet

This article originally appeared on Inspired Magazine.   There are some simple tips and tricks that can transform apps from just middle-of-the-market designs to winning, intuitive experiences which are successful on the iOS store.  These tips lie with the first...

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