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Sketching out your app idea, refining your app idea, graphic design, and everything to do with designing an app.


Picking a technology and coding your app, hiring developers to make your app, or using an app development service – anything to do with getting your app made.


Building a website, making a launch plan, building a community, and anything else you need to market your app.

The latest from the Idea to App Blog

Why You Should Hand-Draw Apps, First

You need to hand-draw your app if you want it to turn out well. I know, you’re not an artist, but hear me out. It seems like early on in life, everyone decides whether or not they have artistic talent. Everyone starts to doodle as a child, and some...

I Will Never Keep an App Idea Private

As an app developer, I get a lot of people emailing me about working on their app idea. And about 50% of them say something along the lines of, “but don’t share this with anyone,” or “you need to sign an NDA before talking about our app...

Building an Online Community, Part 3

LEVERAGE YOUR COMMUNITY Once you’ve got an online audience, it’s time to actually get that audience working for you through interacting with it.  If you don’t interact with the audience you’ve built, it will wither away and become nothing – interacting with your...

Building an Online Community, Part 2

HAVE A GOAL Make sure to have a clear goal in mind when you are building your online community.  For someone who already works another job, maximizing every minute you spend working must make a difference.  You know what benefits you want from your community –...

Building an Online Community, Part 1

One of the things that takes an app experience from good to great is having a great online community.  This can mean many things, from giveaways of related contents, featuring users of your app, or having a well-documented support portal  Users can then interact with...

Give Your App a Personality

A truly amazing app needs to have it’s own personality.  It can’t just be an amalgamation of the default iOS buttons and random graphics you made in iPhoto – it needs to be cohesive, attractive, and the sort of app your target market would want. To...

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