You can make your own app.

And you can do it yourself – without code, without thousands of dollars.


Thanks to the internet, people can get the resources they need to make their own app, from design to code to marketing chops, without having to spend thousands on hiring agencies or developers to do the work for them. All it takes is knowing where to find the right resources.


Just click on what you need help with, and get started.

What do you need help with?

Sketching out your app idea, refining your app idea, graphic design, and everything to do with designing an app.

Picking a technology and coding your app, hiring developers to make your app, or using an app development service – anything to do with getting your app made.

Building a website, making a launch plan, building a community, and anything else you need to market your app.

The latest from the Idea to App Blog

How To Make a Website For Your App

When making an app, one of the most obvious things you’re going to need is a website.  One of everyone’s first concerns when making an app is asking, “What does it take to make a website?” Actually, having a website isn’t even technically necessary.  Your app already...

Make Money by Setting Your App Free for a Day

People love free stuff.  A great way to boost sales for your app for free is to set it your app free for a day.  Yes, making your app free for a day can increase dollars for the next three months. Like any other discount or promotion, if you prepare and publicize it...

How To Make a Press List

Every app developer needs to contact the press. To get started doing this, you need is a mailing list comprised of news outlets, blogs, review websites, and any media outlet with a connection to your audience.  This is the list that you’ll contact when you have...

3 Questions to Ask Your Users

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of user feedback at so far, but the topic deserved it’s own blog post. So you need to interact with your signups to validate your idea; ask them questions, talk to them about the actual problem they’re experiencing. ...

Do More (Than You Are) To Beta-Test

Beta-testing is a critical stage of app development that a lot of indie developers don’t spend enough time on.  I know, because I was one of them. Many indies build their app and they test it within their personal network and perhaps get their friends to test...

Designing For the iPad Is Not Designing for a Big iPhone

Way long ago, in the yesteryear of 2010 when the iPad was just about to come out, many a joke was made about how it was a giant iPhone and wouldn’t do well. Why would we need a giant iPhone?  We already had the regular size iPhone, and that was good enough for us....